Sex - Women's Edition

Sex - Women's Edition. Sexual magnetism, lust, curiosity are stage 1. The man is particularly driven by his sex drive. The goal is orgasm and pleasure. Add stage 2, the thrill of romance and feelings of love. The woman is giddy with romantic love. Orgasm elevates dopamine (hormone) levels which cues the trigger of emotion and romance. Creating curiosity and mystery also elevates dopamine levels in the brain which are essential for motivation and goal-oriented behaviors. Stage 3, a TRUE RELATIONSHIP is when you have deep attachment and bonding with a long-term partner. There is a commitment with attachment. Usually the couple bonds emotionally. Women in particular feel the bond when oxytocin (hormone) is released during orgasm which makes her feel the love bond. Women are bonded to a man after sex until her menstrual cycle commences and the strength of the bond decreases.

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